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*** with Transatlantic Trio ***


Oct 4th Milton Keynes UK

Oct 6th Ullapool, Scotland

Oct 7th Frodsham, UK

Oct 10th Mochengladbach, Germany

Oct 11th Dusseldorf, Germany

Oct 12th Aachen, Germany

Oct 13th Erfurt, Germany

Oct 14th Helbrechts, Germany

Oct 15th Wolfenbuttel, Germany

Oct 16th Hannover, Germany


 *** solo ***


Oct 20th Norwich, UK

Oct 21st Southwell, UK

Oct 23rd Fomby, UK

Oct 28th Bognor Regis, UK


 *** with Tommy Emmanuel ***


 Nov 4th Budapest, Hungary

Nov 6th Pecs, Hungary

Nov 7th Zagreb, Croatia

Nov 9th Novi Sad, Serbia


 *** solo ***


Nov 10th Paris, FR

Nov 11th La Rochelle, FR


 *** with Tommy Emmanuel ***


Nov 13th Biasko Biala, Poland

Nov 14th Krakow, Poland

Nov 15th Warsaw, Poland,

Nov 16th Gdansk, Poland







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