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Featured in "Just Jazz Guitar"

"Fingerpicker extraordinaire and master of all genres from Bach to Beatles": Have a look at the latest issue of "Just Jazz Guitar". Richard is featured extensively in the February 2015 magazine - with a cover story that includes a multiple page in-depth interview. JJG editor Ed Benson hooked up with Richard to talk about his musical development, how he was exposed to the music his grandmother and father loved early on, his memorable appearance with Chet in London, when he was only eleven years old, how he went on from there, the influences he draws from festivals like the annual Chet convention, his love for jamming with the Hot Club of Nashville and on other occasions, the Jerry Reed tribute album he produced at Tunesmith Studio with Jerry's daughter Seidina and lots of guest artists and what he suggests to finetune your technique as a guitar player. The issue also includes tabs for Richard original composition "Happy Blues", provided by our friend Sean Weaver. Order your copy now on the "Just Jazz Guitar" website!

Welcome to Smithville!

Get your regular dose of fancy fingerstyle, cool cello playing, lovely licks and Tunesmith tonality! Richardsmithmusic.com provides you with everything you need to know about British guitar virtuoso Richard Smith and his wife and musical companion Julie Adams, as well as their Nashville recording facility, tour dates, audio, video, text, CDs, DVDs, MP3s and Richard Smith's infamous Lickipedia - you name it, it's all here! Get in touch with Richard about booking him for a concert and entertaining your crowd, or booking you or your band in the studio. With experience in playing and recording all kinds of music from classical, fingerpicking, country, bluegrass, blues, jazz, gypsy jazz and pop, you'll love the results you get. Thank you so much for checking out the site!


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