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Instructional DVD "Mastering Thumbpicking"

Instructional DVD "Mastering Thumbpicking"

Mastering Thumbpicking will get you guys on the right track to gaining independence between the thumb and fingers, so that you have control over the phrasing of the melody, while the rhythm stays constant, plus adding variations to standard progressions to make your arrangements more interesting using riffs and jazz-like chords, different chord shapes, harmony and piano-style bass lines! 90-minute DVD, includes music and tab pdf file. Recommended for intermediate guitarists striving for a new level in their playing! Songs taught: Happy Blues, Windy & Warm, Farewell My Bluebell, Struttin'.

New! "Mastering Thumbpicking" DVD

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Welcome to Smithville!

Get your regular dose of fancy fingerstyle, cool cello playing, lovely licks and Tunesmith tonality! provides you with everything you need to know about British guitar virtuoso Richard Smith and his wife and musical companion Julie Adams, as well as their Nashville recording facility, tour dates, audio, video, text, CDs, DVDs, MP3s and Richard Smith's infamous Lickipedia - you name it, it's all here! Get in touch with Richard about booking him for a concert and entertaining your crowd, or booking you or your band in the studio. With experience in playing and recording all kinds of music from classical, fingerpicking, country, bluegrass, blues, jazz, gypsy jazz and pop, you'll love the results you get. Thank you so much for checking out the site!


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